What We All Hope For

Each homeowner has the same hopes when they put their house on the market: that it will sell fast, that it will sell at or above the listing price, and that it’ll be a smooth process.

To sell your home quickly, smoothly, and at the highest price, you need to find the right partner in selling your home.

Let Us Be Your Partner

From staging to knowing the local market trends, we will work relentlessly to sell your home. As your partner, we want to help you understand where we’ll be listing your home, how we’ll be promoting it, and any other questions you have along the way.

We believe that between partners, honesty is the best policy, so tell me about any problems or concerns you have with your home and we’ll be honest about what you can realistically expect from the selling process. Our goal is to create a highly-personalized relationship where you and your home have my undivided attention.

Have a Local Guru Working for You

Our agents are living and have lived and worked in Toronto, Oakville & Burlington, so we know the ins and outs of those cities. Knowing about the local competition down to the neighborhood helps us craft better sales messaging for your home.

But First, Let’s Meet

Before we get started on selling your home, We’ll come by at your convenience to get to know you, assess your house, give you our estimate for what your home might sell for, and answer your questions.

This part of the process is the most important to us. we want you to get the chance to know us to ensure we can work as partners to sell your home for the best price. We’ll explain how we plan to sell your home, local competition, and any initial ideas of how to stage your home.


Setting Your Home’s Price

Setting the price for your home can be stressful – you obviously want the highest price you can get but you don’t want it set so high no one will be attracted to it.

We know who the likely qualified buyers are for your home, so we know how to set a price that will pique their interest without leaving thousands of dollars on the table. This, plus understanding what the desirable features of your home are, helps us develop a winning pitch for the prospective buyers, private buyers and the MLS listing.

As we estimate your home’s value, we’ll walk you through each feature, room and item to help you understand which features of your home add value and will be attractive to customers.

Marketing Your Home

There are plenty of real estate agents out there who will simply hammer a “For Sale” sign out front of your home and post a listing on an MLS and call it a day.

That’s not how we work.

When we work together, know you’re getting an agent who will work relentlessly to sell your home to the best buyer possible.

We know that presentation is everything. When viewing something to purchase online, whether it’s a pair of shoes or a house, people expect several high-quality photos showing the product at all angles.

These photos will be your house’s first impression to many buyers, so we’ll ensure they’re clean, clear, and showcase your home in the best possible way. Paired with an irresistible description of your property, your listing will get tons of attention once it hits the market.

After crafting a compelling listing for your house, our goal is to get it in front of as many people as we can. This includes posting it on MLS, hundreds of other agent sites, promoting the listing on social media, placing advertisements online and in print publications, spreading the word among buyers we are working with, and working with other real estate agents in the Toronto, Oakville & Burlington Areas.

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